Completed pattern

By: andrew berwick illustration

Feb 24 2013

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flower pattern5

flower pattern5

flower 6

Its taken me a while but I’ve finally managed to get my pattern to repeat. I have posted a few examples showing colour etc but i’m still unsure. I am however pleased with how it repeats.


4 comments on “Completed pattern”

  1. It’s fantastic:) Really lovely & will look great printed on fabric.

  2. I have screen printing equipment on the way so that was my plan. Thank you, much appreciated.

  3. Holy! That’s just fantastic. Did you use a program to help with the tiling, or did you test the repeating by hand? The colors on the last picture are suberb – subtle, but with enough impact that the pattern won’t fade into mere ‘noise”.

    • Thank you! I used photoshop initially with my sketches to align the repeat. Then I cut and printed it. I used photoshop again to clean up the joins before changing the colour. I haven’t done much pattern making before so I am still learning some of the processes but I am pleased with how this one has come out.

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