Building a website

By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 27 2012

Category: 3rd year professional development


This lecture was vague in actually building the website exactly, more a basic starting point from which to build. The web host my tutor uses for his own website is UKhost4U. Whilst he does say he has never had any problems with them, there are other hosting sites which could be cheaper, more user friendly etc. I will have to research further into this. Basically what is being bought is a folder on a computer. There are different website packages of which i would probably need the most basic. Essentially what i want to show on my website will be a gallery of my artwork, contact page, about and maybe a shopping section. On Dans website he only uses 2GB of webspace. Putting up high resolution artwork will not be what i intend doing so for starting off i think i would probably also use 2GB.
There are a lot of free webhosting sites and webbuilders however this is usually because they include advertising etc which i dont want on my website. The rough cost of the package came to £40, not bad i dont feel for a year. You can build your website through wordpress- once you have paid through this website. whish i feel would help as i already use wordpress for blogging and am familiar with it. You can also buy themes (which he strongly sggested we do) just by searching google and finding ones you like or feel suit what you want to show.
I am the first to admit i havent the first idea when it comes to building my own website. I intend to spend the easter break developing mine and hopefully have it up and running shortly. This webhost4u did seem fairly simple (well as simple as it gets) so hopefully i wont have any problems.


2 comments on “Building a website”

  1. I have to build mine soon as well. Still doing some research, but I’ve purchased the domain. Now just to find inexpensive quality hosting and an easy template. I’m very uncomfortable with computers.

    • Yeah im the same. I need to get it done pretty soon as i finnish university at the end of May and could do with it up and running before then. Good luck building it. Hopefully it wont be as difficult as i imagine it to be.

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