Promotional Strategy- University Lecture

By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 19 2012

Category: 3rd year professional development

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A promotional strategy is essential going into the illustration industry, without a good one my work could tot be seen by many or the right people. This should/ will be ongoing throughout my career and must be regular (every 60-90 days) in order to have the desired effect.

To include (essential)- Name, Website, sample of work. Build up a list of names/adresses of srt directors, editors etc and keep as a spreadsheet. add to it regularly and keep it updated. Send them your promotioanl material (business cards, postcards,email,newsletter, banner etc)

Digital vs print-
Digital- less costly, can reach more people however emails are easily deleted and seen as a nuisance.
Print- More costly but maybe more effective (possibly something a client will keep).

Social networking is essential in keeping clients up to date with current work and your persinality. (less formal) twitter/facebook/printrest/tumbler/flickr. Blog should be showing you as a practacing artist, articles and tutorials and give people a reason to return.

The website: needs a strong identity, attract clients, gain followers.possible self portrait (about page) couple of paragraphs tops, ‘I would like to work with you, please send me an email…’ good phrase to use. Must also be easily accessible, no plugins, and easy to get in touch.

I am currently working on my promotional material for when i leave university this May, this lecture was useful in giving me pointers for my work. I will take it all on board when working over the coming months.


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