8/03/2012 Anne Bridges

Catrin Finch aud 2 10.00am

Anne Bridges was the only speaker invloved in printmaking this week so i always intended to go to this lecture. Her work was not as i expected it to be, she worked more like a freelance artist than illustrator so in that respect her work is dissimilar to mine. She has produced her own monoprinting technique using stencils, rollers and wiping away the inks.

Graduating from Glyndwr university in 1999 she set about turning freelance. Her work appears in a veriety of contexts, whilst she has produced more illustrative work through her printmaking most of her comissions come through private collectors giving her a broad income base.

she has exhibited in various galleries and at exhibitions- where she has found most of her independent clients. attending/ exhibiting at print shows gives you a foot in the door and allows you to build up a client base. (possibly look into when i leave universtiy) She also has an exhibiton in kent coming up.

What i did find interesting was that she applied to become artist in residence at Chester zoo and stayed there for 2 years. This would be good practice and allow work to flourish ain such a surrounding. A lot of her time is unstructured and she openly admitted she will do more one day than the next but what she did strongly say was that keeping a sketchbook and drawng in it when you can is essential. In the same way that a guitar player must practice regularly so should an artist or illustrator. (she has 33 volumes of sketchbooks which she has kept since leaving university). I deinately feel i need to traw more, as the third year is drawing to an end i have somewhat lost touch with just picking up a sketchbook to draw something observationally. If there is something i will take from this lecture it will be to pick up a sketchbook wherever i amy be to do little sketches maybe even watching tv.

She uses the printmaking suppliers- Hawthorne- Barry Rushden

Other things to look into:
Printfest cumbria- every year in May (Ulverston)
Helpadel- Open studios- 120 artists.


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