7/03/2012 Jason Minsky

Catrin Finch Aud 1- 10am

Jason Minsky’s lecture was on both professional development and putting together a portfolio. For the purpose of the blog I will write up both lectures together as there was a lot of crossover.

Graduating with a HND in design crafts he went on to do 3d design at Manchester met and then Glass and ceramics. The artist described his work as ideas based, which he then chooses the right media to portray the idea effectively.

He openly admitted having a second job in a call centre to supplement his income but he has also had 10 years in the design industry. ‘With enough passion you will get something out of it he stated. A lot of his work i felt was not relevant to my work however some of his industry knowledge has helped me. He has had work in magazines and had a veriety of publicity. He also said ‘dont underestimate the power of publicity. (hed collected a publicity folder showing all his work).

He paid for advertising in ‘ArtReview’ and also recomends looking at AN artist newsletter. these could be possible avenues to explore to get my own work into the industry.

His portfolio session i felt was a bit limited in the portfolio he was showing was very dated (10 years or so) and would be very different to mine. some of the same principles i feel would still apply for example:
-Be different, individuality is key
-Impact, think about the order in which you place your work.
-Strong beginning, middle and end- like a story
-Invest in yourself, when work is presented properly on good paper and mounted well it makes a more professional impression.

He finnished by saying- ‘dont be affraid to askfor things for free’ and ‘be prepared and confident inwhat your showing to people and you can say no to jobs’.

overall these lectures were helpful on a basic level, far more research will need to be done before i put together my own portfolio.


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