08/03/2012 Andy Cheetham

11.30- catrin Finch aud 2
I almost didnt go to this lecture- entitled ‘The chip shop story’ I didnt know what it was about and assumed it wouldnt be relevant. Luckily I decided id go and actually thought was the most inspiring of all the lectures I had attended.

Andy Cheetham was made reduntand 3 times from 3 different advertising agencies from 1991- 1994. He couldnt cover the mortgage on his house and contemplated getting an ‘ordinary job’. Selling all his assets he put all his money into starting his own advertising agencies and set about buying a reputation. Entering many competitions (dandad) he came up with advertising campeigns for his mum and dads fish and chip shop ‘Barnicles’. He won in one year 13 dandad awards with his competition being the likes of his former employers. He built up a reputation and his company now (whilst he didnt talk money) attracts large clients including the John West tuna adverts.

Tips he gave:
Know whats good out there
Self filter your work- spot flaws
Edit, edit, edit
If it has been done before a creative director will know.

Overall i liked the work of Andy and his company and each element of his work showed a humerous side to his personality. Im glad i went, where as most other lectures spoke about the flaws, problems and how hard breaking into the industry will be, Andy spoke with promise and excitement about entering the design inustry. His case sutdy was the one i liked the most from the week.


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