06/03/2012 John Mainwaring- staying local after college.

Catrin finch 1.30pm

It has always been my intention to return to Preston when I graduate from university so much of this lecture didnt apply to me. It was however relevant in giving me avenues in which to persue when i go back. I did feel the lecture was very negative in portraying life after university, you will have no money for many years, not afford a lifestyle you want or enjoy etc etc (maybe the harsh realities of the industry im heading into) but this is only one mans journey.

I would like to think I would be able to earn a relative income (from which i can live, pay rent etc) within 3-5 years, not the 10 it took John. He is now self employed but has worked in many design related jobs- NHS, Magazine work, Webpage design etc.

Some key points made in the lecture –
Money isnt everything
set aside a safety net
there is a difference between confidence and cockyness- dont come across badly in interviews
possibly get part time work
Network- ask in the industry, word spreads.
do everything legally (software downloads)
And one that definately applies to me……Buy a decent mac.


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