06/03/2012 Artists generating opportunities for themselves.

Flis Mitchell- Catrin Finch- 10.00am

Before coming to this lecture i felt this wouldnt be relevant to me however i found it to be interesting and i actually learnt things i would never have known previously.

A lot of Flis’s talk was about how to get your foot in the door in the art world. Working out what to do and how you do it was how she recomended starting. A lot of her work is self directed with many benefits to this: having total control of your work, work with who you want to work with and shaping a brief towards your specific wants or needs.

The negatives included: more hard work, bigger workload, often little reward in the way of money and possibility of failures.

She went on to talk about the intent of her work, weather it was actually needed and her exploitation of the environment around her. Undervaluing your work she said was a major problem, artists often get little or no reward for their work often working for free. In the same way you would pay someone for a professional job in the real world, you would pay an artist for as well. Being pro-active (said many times already this week) is key in making your work a success. She also mentioned ‘Linked-in’ which i have heard of but dont know about it fully (more research needed into this) as social networking seemed a priority for her. She stated its importance and how through twitter, fb, blogs etc you could cross promote your work with other aspiring artists. A good project she mentioned maybe getting involved with was the ‘drawing paper zine’ with mike Karney in which many artists print their work together and cross promote together.

Her projects included:

‘Vague fears’- drawing frame by frame the trailer of jaws for which she applied for funding and recieved £5000. she then went on to say that from this she took a small wage, paid costs and studio fees.

‘Queen of the track’- a feminist zine where she had collaborated with two other artists to produce an intellectual magazine directed solely on women.

‘Cave’- an art fair project where she promotes other artists in liverpool in a commercial style fair, most of this is crowd funded.

Trusts to look up for start up grants (mainly for artists- not sure if this applies for illustration yet)- JIF and Garfield Weston.

Overall i found the presentation interesting, and knowledge of the design industry wherever it may be i feel is contributing to my perception of it and how i might fit in.



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