Karen Cheung

Nick whitehead- 3pm

I enjoyed this lecture. Karen Cheungs work i thought was interesting and different. I will admit she was not the gratest in terms of public speaking and she herself said she was very shy, however looking at her work and listening to her ideas was something i enjoyed.Compared with other lectures she seemed a little more informal and so easier to watch and interact with.

She has an unconventional background in sciences and has a degree in zoology, this came across in her work and subject matter. She worked on both illustration and animation and i felt her animation work in particular was strong. She won the mcmillan book competition, as well as getting placed in the bbc young animators. (will link her animations). She then took a second degree in illustration at bristol before moving to london and working for various design and animation companies. When she left she approached an agent who has got her work ever since. She admitted being very lucky and that her self promotional work was very little.

She works on the books as an illustrator for the agency ‘Jelly’ who take 30% cut of her fees. when asked did she think it was a good idea to have an agent she said definately, she couldnt have got the same work without it.

She concluded by saying ‘dont forget yoyr tax returns- she did and was fined.

Overall I felt this lecture was the most interesting of the day purely because i liked the work of the designer. she worked a lot drawing animals and their skeletal structure. some of her work on her website could be helpful for my work on my next brief for the hunterian museum london.


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