5/03/2012- Key note speaker

Key Note Speaker: Angus Montgomery 11.30-12.30
The key note speaker was Angus Montgomery and I found his talk to be quite interesting. He admitted himself he is not a creative person but enjoys his job as a journalist reporting on the design industry. He has been a journalist over 10 years, 3 of which he has spent at design week. (Weekly printed magazine).
The current issue the company faces is trying to adapt their currently printed magazine into an online publication and he described some of the transition of that process. We live in a digital age, everything about the design process and the way we see things is changing, even within the last 5 years processes have changed dramatically.
His presentation focused on the positivity’s within education and advice on conducting yourself professionally on leaving the comforts of the university.
He showed various examples of good design which he thought was ‘pretty special’ including a campaign for a charity working with the body shop to stop sex trafficking.

The Pleamon Lightbulb which is essentially a designer energy saving lightbulb.The designer having their own views and ideas on something which is not as asthetically pleasing. as well as others including B and W studio print project,Branding for Resonate and Pearson Loyd who redesigned the accideant and emergency system through his design work.

Some student (current/ recently graduated work) included Sam Grey’s Vertigo Posters and Alan Clarkes posterf for the olympics.

Overall I feel this lecture was of relevance to my work and a lot of the ideas shown throughout the presentation was interesting and may further my knowledge of innovative design.


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