The future of Gesture Ltd

By: andrew berwick illustration

May 13 2011

Category: PDP

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I personally woruld like to develop this idea in the future hopefully producing a series of stories educating children. I would like to produce a more professional website (very expensive) and follow up contacts made through previous emails I sent to deaf charities and schools. The use of the website and its interactive nature is essential as the showing of sign language movements (although can be shown through still images) needs an animated character or child toshow the movements themselves. The potential for an application for phones and other electronic software is also a possibility to explore in the neer future.
As I strongly feel this idea is a niche not currently supplied for (well) in the UK market the it could definately be a future success. The nature of the story being educational, (could be shown in mainstream or hearing impaired schools) whilst being nieche could be turned into a recognised product in so many schools. A lot of work is still needed on the design of the pages however the concept and future potential of the idea means that I would like to develop the series of stories as part of my professional practice next year.
If I was to continue with this it would be without the current members of my group.


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