Butchers market

By: andrew berwick illustration

May 13 2011

Category: PDP

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Today was a nightmare day. As the printing of the posters and sample pages was left to the last minute (through no fault of my own) I had to get them done on the day of the fair. Myself and Ben turned up at 8 in the morning to get everything printed and have plenty of time to put up the stall. After printing 2 of the pages the connection to the printer was not working properly and when I asked for assistance none of the technitians had time to help. Failing this we went to staples who charged us nearly £30 for our stall printouts.
The posters mainly were to promote our online website as this is our main source from which people will view the artwork. We made the stall on time (after running through rainy wrexham with printouts) and dispite the earlier problems i was happy with how it looked. We managed to negotiate a perspex sheet off one of the other stall holders and our posters sat nicely against it. Printing business cards was something we had not had time to do this morning however i do intend to print some out with the website on to take on saturdays stall opening.


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