Pages and words

By: andrew berwick illustration

Apr 28 2011

Category: PDP

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page 1: illustration- Ben character on a school bus, his friends are behind him all being mischevous

: Words- Ben is on his way to the museum, he caught the bus from school

Page2: illustration-Character Ben being spoken to by the teacher as his friends wander into the exhibittion

: words-“Come on Ben put in your hearing aid” said the Teacher

page 3: illustration- Ben putting the hearing aid towards his ear as the teacher walks off. dinosaur head appears.

: words- “i didnt even want to come here”

page 4: illustration- close up shot of a hand putting a hearing aid in the ear. (possible ripple imagination)

: words-” Id better put it in so i can catch up with my friends”

page 5: illustration- Ben with a dinosaur appearing behind him.

: words- The dinosaur springs to life. Ben jumps when he says “Hello”

page 6: illustration- Ben running through an open doorway

: words- Ben ran away from the dinosaur because he was scared.

page 7: illustration- Ben being chased by an aeroplane

: words- As he ran through the flight exhibit he was followed by a plane.

page 8: illustration- Ben looking around and seeing an alien poking its head out from behind a cardboard moon.

: words-After running into the next room he quickly closed the door behind him. How was he to know an alien would appear from behind the moon.

page 9: illustration-Ben figure looking into a dark cave.

:words-He ran into a cave in an attempt to hide.

page 10: illustration-caveman behind him with angry face.

: words- Again ben had to run because the caveman was angry.

page 11: illustration- Ben surrounded by indians holding spears towards his face.

:words- Ben ran straight into an indian tribe who captured him. Pleading for them to let him go Ben said “sorry”

page 12: illustration-dinosaur standing over Ben as the indians flee.

:words-“RAWR” raged the dinosaur and the indians quickly fled. “Thank you” said ben ” i needed the help”

page 13: illustration-sad dinosaur hiding as Ben walks away with his teacher.

:words- “come on Ben its time to go home”

page 14: illustration-Bus scene from the beginning but all his friends now sleep.

:words- Ben doesnt feel so different anymore, looking around as all his friends sleep.


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