Discussion of storyline

By: andrew berwick illustration

Apr 28 2011

Category: PDP

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As a group we decided on a boy character which would appear in each of the adventure stories and called him Ben. Ben has hearing difficulties and has to wear a hearing aid. Like most children who wear hearing aids research has shown they feel different from their classmates and so have a tendancy to be reluctant in wearing the hearing aid. Each time ben puts in his hearing aid he has more fun and starts to imagine various fictional senarios.

We have decided to do our first story on Ben visits the museum. In this story, he along with his classmates visit the museum on a school trip and after getting separated from his friends ben starts to imagine things coming to life. Putting Ben into everyday senarios allows us to teach the signs for useful and simple words.

Other storys would include  :

Ben goes to the park

Ben goes shopping

Its Bens birthday

Ben goes on holiday

Ben goes on holiday

Ben goes to the zoo


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