group meeting

By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 22 2011

Category: PDP

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As a group we decided to meet up the other day to sort out our ideas and roless within them. First of all we developed our idea of a publication teaching children to sign. Similar to that of the bbc website the format of the website we will produce will be aimed at 7-11 year olds. The use of an e- book would be most apt for this idea with different categories for the weeks different editions. for example ‘Ben goes to the zoo, Ben goes to the supermarket, ben goes fishing etc’. The main reason we chose to make an e book was that alongside the book there could be the option to play a short video showing the children or indeed the adult to teach the children the simple signs for each word.

The most important thing is for the child with hearing difficulties to be included in the story as part of a group with children who have full hearing. As my mum works in a school with deaf children and has contact with the parents of deaf children the main problem they encounter is the child feeling different or just not wanting to wear a hearing aid. This could be incorporated in the story in some way to make them feel happier with wearing it.

The story of visiting the museum would be a good one to explain. there is a naughty child who just wont wear his hearing aid and is possibly behind the class who are visiting the museum. As soon as he puts the hearing aid in things start to come to life, Dinosaurs and all the other exhibits on display. This would pose a second purpose to the book not only to educate but also to act as an almost incentive to wear the hearing aid and not to feel ashamed.


We also decided roles within the group and how we were going to undertake them. Playing to each of our strengths we decided I would create the scenes for each whilst jonathan worked on the characters and ben the page layout and typography.I have since created the first one of my scenes which i have since given over for the characters to be worked on.


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