By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 11 2011

Category: PDP

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As a group we had little knowledge about how to sign or lipread and so decided to e-mail a number of deaf charities and just run our idea by them basically and see if they could offer any feedback. I sent the following email to four deaf charities including the RNID, NCDS, FCDC and WCdeaf.

Dear Sir/ Madam

As part of a recent university brief myself and two other illustration students are planning to illustrate an educational magazine for primary school aged children with hearing disabilities. The idea is not only to educate the children with hearing difficulties but also their friends and classmates. Ideally this publication would be read out as part of ‘story time’ in classes so that the children could learn whilst having fun. This engages the class and allows them to interact with children who have hearing difficulties maybe in their own class or social lives. Our story based illustrations ideally will educate this age group on simple sign language.
At the moment it is still at an early stage however your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Any information you could send us regarding current educational material or simply your views on the idea would be helpful.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Berwick


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