Jonathan Edwards illustrator

By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 10 2011

Category: Creative Futures

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11.30am Nick Witehead

The talk by Jonathan Edwards was tailored specifically to what I want to look at and what I want to achieve. His clients include the radio times, the guardian, selfridges and album covers (the black eyed peas my humps). With a vast portfolio of stylised work I found his presentation to be one of the most relevant to my own development. His work is more digital and prefers to work with a quick turnover. (gets the brief one day and has to be done the next). He has done 24 illustrations for the guide suppliment in the guardian as well as more diverse subjects such as illusrations for clothing.

His wife works with more textile based work and produced prototype stuffed toys based on his illustrations. these pieces ended up eventually being sold in shops then moved on to places like selfridges where they would sell for £500-£800. Working in the shop window he displayed his characters and said you never know where things may take you but yu just have to go with it.

His advice:

-if you keep doing something stick at it, it will come.

– use ways to suppliment your income (prints that can be sold)

-cant recomend twitter enough.

This is the second illustration based lecture which storngly recomends twitter. I have never used it before and intend to in the future. An example of its bonus is that Jonathan said he did a drawing of a character from a sci fi novel and posted it before going to bed. In the morning it was posted on over 700 links and other posts. It seems a waste not to get involved with such an important tool in todays society.


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