Computer games and concept illustration

By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 10 2011

Category: Creative Futures

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1.30pm Nick Whitehead

If nothing else this lecture taught me that I will not be persuing a career in concept art. I have always had an intrest in gaming and concept art however I feel my work and way of working would not suit this industry. I would say that the talk was not a waste of time in that I now have more of a basic understanding of how the games are made and how this type of company works in the design industry.

Lee Carter gave the presentation in which he said ‘I am not a presenter but I thought Id come and tell you that its not all as bad as people make out, there is money in the design industry’. A student at Glyndwr university he has worked for a number of companies which produce computer games working on characters for the background of games and explained the vast amount of people and work that actually goes int making a video game.

Recently the company he worked for closed down Bizzarre creations and he decided to persue his passions of graphic novel illustration. Life drawing he said is key to working in the gaming industry, something which I feel I am weakest at. I do not see the lecture as wasted time as it was interesting and knowledge of the design industry nomatter what discipline will surely help my understanding of where I fit into it.


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