The second group meeting

By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 09 2011

Category: PDP

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Focal Length:5.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix AV130

4pm today

Meeting up at Bens house this time we were supposed to work through the idea and identify areas of work and delegate them. Only me and ben attended for some reason however we decided to carry on without the other member and fill him in after. For  at least an hour we discussed the storyline, how it would be produced, characters and the fact that we both thought an e-book would be the most effective way to display the piece. A logo was also discussed and we used a play on words (signED) as in sign education as a possible logo or brand name. A series of publications would be the ultimate aim and being able to buy them as a small series from the website was another idea we discussed.

Eventually we decided to each come up with drawings for our story idea we discussed as well as creating a small file of work we felt would work well as a style for the publication as well as websites that look similar to the look we want to achieve.


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