Day 2: Dave Baraclough

By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 08 2011

Category: Creative Futures

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1130 am- Nick Witehead

‘Working class hero, Middle class w**ker. Graphic Designer’

I decided to attend this lecture because after I looked through the timetable I looked at the work of some of the speakers. I liked the work of this designer along with his simple concept attitude and decided this lecture would be more relevant than some of the others. Although it is not in my subject discipline directly his knowledge of the industry and his methods of working I found to be relevant and interesting more than anything.

Dave opened by saying ‘this isnt a talk about a street urchin turned international lover and player’ but went on to discuss his upbringing and influence on his working life. Brought up in Formby he went to school in Liverpool in a working class environment he explained his journey through life to the point hes at now. He explained that his inspiration comes from some unconventional places such as the comedian Micky Flanagan or chef Jamie Oliver. ‘I like the way Jamie Oliver strips back food to the basics without needles pretencious ingredients or flavourings and lets the food speak for itself’. This is the same with his theory on design (although he likes to label himself a problem solver).

He did go to Glyndwr university to study Graphic design but was too impatient and wanted to get straight into the workplace, never actually graduating. (Not to be advised he said). Moving on to a work placement in Chester and starting unpaid he worked his way up through a veriety of design jobs within design and advertising. He worked for a nomber of companies and agencies icluding Sequoia and Cheetham bell and produced works which were displayed on large billboards on buildings and in trains stations in London. He met his wife in one of these agencies and later went on to start his own company ‘Germ’ (as in the germ of an idea). With a number of successful works including packaging design for high profile products and brands his choice to leave his job with the agency was a worthwile one.

He also gave advice on interviews-

-Be ontime ( he arrived to his before the place even opened which shows keenness)

– Engage with the interviewer, its easy to become nervous and talk to themrather than with them.

– Be passionate

– Converse like an interlectual human being

– The main point is that they are looking for someone they can get along with so come across as interesting and friendly.

His advice on portfolios-

– Avoid large foundation like portfolios A4 or A3 is fine

– 8-10 pieces of work will be enough as long as theres no duplication

– Make sure its all presented well and clean.

Overall I thought this presentation was one of the most interesting I have attended so far. His unconventional presentation methods seen in the title of the talk was different to the others. I felt he was engaging and I at no point got bored with what he was saying feeling thet it was all relevant.His final quote of the day ‘ dont have a baby and resign from your job at the same time’ some good advice. Definately a worthwile lecture.


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