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By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 08 2011

Category: Creative Futures

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3pm- B53 Support for freelancers with Gareth Hatton

This I felt would be one of the weeks most important lectures for me as I am almost certain that when I leave university I want to become a freelance illustrator. I thought it would give me a better understanding of what I should do after leaving university to acieve this. Businessline was described as a business support service for information and advice.

What is the service?

– It helps new businesses start up

– Provides existing sme’s

– Helps job seekers ( can get starter pack on how to do it all)


How can it help me?

– Save time

– Provide access to up to date statistics and information

– Help make better more informed descisions

– Save money (free data that you would otherwise pay for)

– Help explain taxes and premesis registration (working from home)


Making a website he said was crutial and help for that is available along with other basic advice. Developing a business plan is also something that this service will help with. Although I live in Preston and this exact service will not be available I would hope similar programmes will be available.

Whilst I did think this lecture was useful in giving me a basic understanding the man himself was unsure of the funding available for freelancers exactly when questioned. He was promoting the service they provide and had less of an understanding of general help available. Registering with the HMRC was mentioned not how to do it but more that they would help you do it.

This service however will definately be one I look into when or before I leave university as I feel it will be useful for my future success.  ( An email to remember should I need it in the neer future)


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