Showreel, portfolio and CV advice

By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 07 2011

Category: Creative Futures

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3pm- Nick Witehead theatre

The speech was given by Harriet Buckley who works for Ink Digital in Dundee a small animation company working on small animated clips. She says marketing yourself is crutail and having a website is a must when leaving to work freelance. Business cards are also a must.

Although we are working in an age where things are sent digitally more and more and things are mostly screen based she said a good idea would be to send a dvd with interestig cover that would sit on the desk of the employer. This would be a reminder to them whoever they may be that you are available for work if needed. Also she pushes the fact that in interviews you should push what you can offer to a company rather than what they can offer you.

Good life drawings of anatamy are essential as she stated ‘if you can draw people you can draw anything’. I personally need to work on my life drawing and will do so throughout this year.

I have since researched the company and like some of their animation work imcluding the one below…

She also said we should research the following people in the future which i intend to do so- Wesley Louis and Adam Oliver


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