Interviews and CVs

By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 07 2011

Category: Creative Futures

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1.30pm -Catrin Finch Aud 1

I decided to attend this lecture because interviewing is one of my weak areas. In the past I have generally not interviewed well weather it be for part time jobs or even applying for university. Glen Bertram works for the bbc and has done for 31 years. His experience recruiting people for such a large organisation would be too good an opportunity to pass by. Many of the points he made I had already taken on board from previous occasions, general things such as be smart, confident do your research etc. Dont highlight the negatives (floors in your work or qualifications) saying ‘although I dont have this or that’.

Preperation for interviews and sending off your CV to potential job placements was he said crutial and needed to be done far in advance of the job application. A key point I took from this talk was the ending question. a good question would be ‘what do you think would be my steepest learning curve working for the company?’ rather that ‘What would my scalary be or what training will i get’.

Although much of the information spoken about I already knew there were some parts I will take and possibly use in future interview senarios. Overall a worthwile presentation to attend.


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