Barry Purves

By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 07 2011

Category: Creative Futures

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11am- William aston hall

Barry Purves was the key note speaker. I felt his presentation was my favourite of the day. Although stop motion animation is not my subject area I found his work to be different and interesting in the way he portrayed storys through his work. The war horse clip shows puppetry on stage in the west end which inspires Barrys work as well as others (Mary Poppins, The sound of music) and I was interested by the movement of the horse.

Origonally he wanted to be an actor however after his time at Manchester university he decided to act out his stories through puppets through the medium of stop motion animation. He has worked on over 60 commercials as well as feature films including King Kong. Throughout his talk he stressed that portraying a character was key and demonstrated that through a number of short animated films. Live life in metaphor.

Although his speech over ran by quite some time I did not mind at all because I found his work interesting and innovative not onlyin the way he photographed his work but also the emphesis on character and storytelling. This relates to my own work in illustration.


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