group meeting

By: andrew berwick illustration

Mar 06 2011

Category: PDP

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At 12pm today our group met up to discuss our seperate ideas. Collectively we produced a spider diagram displaying all our findings and ideas and after some deliberation we decided to produce a magaine and/or a webpage teaching sign language to primary school aged children. Collectively we decided that this was the most niche out of our ideas and also that there is an established market for this kind of publication. Deaf charities and organisations especially for children are one market, as well as schools both for the deaf and mainstream. The idea is that the magaine would have a different story each week or month ( i went to the zoo, school, shopping etc) and alongsde the story would be sign language teaching them specific words. The idea is that during ‘storytime’ which is used commonly within schools the teacher would be able to educate their pupils on how to do basic sign language. Deaf children or children that have partial hearing are still common within mainstream school and by producing this publication he/she would be more inclined to engage with classmates.

Charities we have looked at for this include-

NCDS, FCDC, RNID and wrexham council for the disabled

Emailing these charities to find out if there is potential for this idea, and possibly informational help will be the next step to take as well as researching schools mainstream and specialist.


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