Manchester Book fair

By: andrew berwick illustration

Nov 29 2010

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Professional practice : Saturday 6th November

As part of my professional practice i will document my day at the manchester book fair and my findings. The fair itself opened at 10am however because of time constratints i could only get there for about 1130am. By the time i had arrived i found out i had already sold 3 of my 7 books i had taken at the price i deemed the highest i would go for. starting out i thought i would sell for around £8 and then lower it to about £5 if they werent selling. Because of this i decided to keep the price at £8. i wanted to make back at least the price of my train fare and the cost of producing the books (around £25) and so by selling three early on i was able to do this.

There was only two people managing the stall at any one time and whilst i did have a go behind the stall there were many others wanting to take their turn. This gave me plenty of time to look around the fair at other peoples work.  I did find one piece of work which i like and could use again within my own work. Tetrahexagon folding method. A lot of peoples work was a bit farfetched if  im being honest, looking around the market people wanted interesting pieces intricately made. I think this is how my books sold well and by 330pm i had sold out. had i had more time i could have taken and sold more books within the alloted time.

Feedback on the day was that i needed to promote myself more. I realised that it was not just about making some money on the day but geting your name out and getting work in the future. i was told to get a website and some cards by one lady who wanted my details but i had nothing to give her. In the future i will definately have more to show and will have promoted myself more before i get there. I will definately go tho these book fars again.


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